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AGL Certified Sapphire and Diamond Gazdar Platinum Brooch

Beautiful Sapphire and Diamond brooch by famed designer Gazdar. This piece is certified with an AGL certificate CS 1078910. This brooch has a very unique design. The natural Sapphires have a rich blue color all measuring 4.0-4.6 x 2.55 mm to 4.7-4.6 x 3.01 mm sixteen (16) stones in total. Based on AGL origin certification these gems come from Thailand and Cambodia (Pailin). These Sapphires are NOT heated and there is NO clarity enhancement they are 100% natural earth mined Sapphires. The brooch is crafted in platinum with several round Diamonds and baguette Diamonds, all diamonds are colorless and VS quality.


TO ORDER CALL 305.350.5059

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