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Art Nouveau Diamond Ruby Scarab Brooch

Vintage Ruby and Diamond vintage scarab brooch. This piece is truly exceptional. Details are endless as the gemstones show the true age of this piece. Crafted in 18k yellow gold this piece has detail throughout. The top portion of this brooch is crafted in .925 Sterling Silver, natural rubies are set along the spine of this scarab and through the head. The round and trillion cut rubies are all single cuts showing great brilliance and vibrant color approximately 3.00 cts in total. Diamonds are set throughout the piece, along the back portion and through the antennas. All diamonds on this piece are rose cuts. Approximately sixty six (66) diamonds are set throughout weighing approximately 2.00 cts in total. Final touch of detail comes with two cabochon natural emerald eyes. The brooch has a push pin locking system to securely keep it in place. It is 62 mm in length and 22 mm in width. Truly unique and one of a kind crafted in the late 1800's.


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