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Estate Floral Sapphire Brooch 18 Karat

Estate floral brooch crafted in 18k yellow gold. This brooch is a timeless piece of jewelry that is coming back into style. The craftsmanship is exceptional where the leaves of the flower show a textured finish appearing life like. The brooch was crafted in the 1960's and shows an oxidized look over time. The piece measures 2.75" in length and 2" in width. The highlight of this brooch is the pistil section of the flower where sixteen individual round Blue Sapphires are set to give this piece a pop of color. These vivid Blue Sapphires are all round brilliant cut and approximately weigh 1.20 ct. Gemstones show no heat treatment and are of high Sapphire quality. The brooch weighs 36 grams.


TO ORDER CALL 305.350.5059

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