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Estate Menorah Spinning Pendant Turquoise and Rubies Isreal 14k Yellow Gold

Gorgeous Menorah pendant. This pendant is truly unique. The pendant is double sided, and has a mechanism that allows it to spin in a full 360 degree motion.  The details are scene throughout as leaves and olive tree branches decorate the inside of this pendant. One side of the menorah is encrusted with 7 Turquoise Cabochon cut gemstones, while the other is set with 7 purplish red Rubies giving this piece a pop of color against the yellow gold. One side of the pendant says "Israel" while the other says "Israel" in Hebrew script. The pendant is set is 14k yellow gold weighs 6.2 grams and is approximately 40 MM in length. One of a kind piece, great for everyday wear. Pendant does not come with a chain.


TO ORDER CALL 305.350.5059

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